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A Little More About Us

Bill Wood is an economic analyst specializing in the plastics industry, and he is the founder of Mountaintop Economics & Research, Inc., (ME&R). He combines a detailed knowledge of the data on the plastics industry and U.S. economy with 20 years of experience in economics analysis and forecasting. Bill also possesses an objectivity that comes from working independently. He works closely with managers in the plastics industry, yet maintains a detached perspective on the market trends.

Bill's expertise is determining how changes in the economy will affect the market for plastics products and machinery. This knowledge is converted into easy-to-understand forecasts that assist plastics professionals in making profitable decisions.

ME&R's forecasts are based on proprietary indexes that measure changes in the supply and demand for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding resins. There is a close correlation between the demand for resins and the demand for machinery and tooling. So, our indexes are superior leading indicators of the markets for plastics machinery and tooling, trends in resins prices, and also trends in the overall U.S. economy.

Because of the insight and advance warning that these indexes provide, Bill is often commissioned to forecast the company sales data for manufacturers of plastics products and machinery. He frequently presents his industry outlook to meetings of senior managers or sales and marketing staffs. He also conducts seminars where attendees are taught to forecast their own company sales data. And he is a frequent speaker at plastics industry events and trade association conferences.

Bill is a regular contributor to Plastics Technology magazine, and he has authored many articles explaining his research and forecasts. These have been widely published in the plastics industry trade press as well as Design News, Variety, Interior Design, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous business newsletters.


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